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To ensure an easy process, please download and fill out our purchase order form and sample manifest form found below.  We have divided our manifest forms into biological [serum | plasma | tissue | etc.] and non-biological [feed | premix | eggs | etc.]


Please include a paper copy of both forms with your shipment and email an electronic copy of the sample manifest to Kyle Wandling at: kyle.wandling@heartlandassays.com.  This will help expedite the process and ensure order accuracy.


Please Download the Attachments:






*Pricing on multiple assays may be eligible for lower prices.  Orders of 500 samples or more may be eligible for lower pricing.  Your inquiry is encouraged.  Please contact us.

*A sample surcharge will be applied for less than 15 samples.
*$10 flat rate charge for all sample submissions & hazardous material disposal.
Payment is due on receipt of the invoice.
Please contact Kyle Wandling for more information regarding pricing details. (kyle.wandling@heartlandassays.com)
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